Lumantek ez-SHV+
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3G/HD/SD-SDI to HDMI Converter with LCD Display + Scaler

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    This product does not support 3G-SDI Level B, only Level A. If fed with a level B signal, the display will show a greyscale image, and a warning will appear on the display. 

    For compatibility with Blackmagic switchers, the switcher may be configured to use Level A instead of level B. This does not affect the quality of the signal.

    SDI to HDMI Converter with Display

    You can easily monitor in/output resolution, cable length and eye-pattern at once. LUMANTEK's ez-SHV+ has a SDI LOOP output. Through the LCD screen, you can monitor incoming video. By using the 'dip switch', you can select the resolution from 480i to 1080p. You can also control the LCD Brightness and screen ratio.

    24/7 Video Monitoring

    Through the built-in 2.7" TFT LCD screen, you can monitor eye-Pattern, in/output source resolution, and cable length.

    Audio Level Meter

    Monitoring your audio visually is easy with the on-screen audio meter. 

    Wall Mountable

    ez-SHV+ includes a wall mount bracket which can also be used for fixing the converter to tripods or other things using a regular cable strap.

    Automatically Detect Cable Length

    ez-SHV+ detects cable length automatically up to 190 m at 3G-SDI. Cable length will be shown as 'SHORT', 'MEDIUM' and 'LONG'.

    Low Power Consumption

    The Maximum power consumption of ez-SHV+ is less than 3 watts. Acceptable voltage ranges from 5v ~ 18v, giving the user more flexibility for powering the device.

    Global Power Adaptor

    All ez-Converters come with AC/DC power adaptor included.

    Feature-Rich Converter

    Discover how the ez-SHV+ can make your work easier.