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We are infrastructure specialists

At System, we understand that cabling infrastructure is the backbone of every building. Specializing in specifying, installing, and commissioning complete cabling systems, we cater to businesses, schools, universities, houses of worship, conference facilities, and cultural spaces.

Whether you're renovating or embarking on a new project, involve us early for expert advice that ensures cost-effective and durable decisions. Your project's success begins with a solid foundation – trust System for reliable cabling solutions.

Complete solutions for every audio, video and lighting requirement

Your go-to for all things audiovisual and lighting! Whether it's a sound system, lighting rig, stage mechanics, projectors, displays, or LED screens — we've got you covered. 

Connect with our experienced technicians to tailor the perfect solution for your needs.

Corporate and Broadcast Studios

Whether you're a large corporation, a broadcaster or a smaller business with the need for audiovisual communication with your customers, you can benefit from our more than 13 years of experience with building studios.

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Systems Operations Management

Networking, audio, video, lighting, and stage products demand ongoing attention – they're not 'set and forget.' Daily usage patterns can vary, and certain products require regular maintenance and software updates. Signage displays need timely content updates. And then there's the support aspect of it all...

Managing your systems daily is a serious task. Our years of experience in seamlessly integrating new solutions for clients have equipped us with the knowledge needed to maximize uptime and extend the lifetime of all your systems.

Live Streaming Services

Throughout the years, we've ensured the success of countless events on air. Whether it's a straightforward single-camera live stream or a more intricate multi-camera production with graphics and remote contributors, our services cover the spectrum of event needs.

Our diverse clientele includes both small businesses and large public institutions. If you decide to work with us, you'll be in good company, joining a range of clients who appreciate our down-to-earth approach and commitment to delivering reliable, quality services.

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Technical Services for Live Events

Our passion lies in seamlessly integrating technology with experienced, knowledgeable technicians to enhance every moment of your event. System's sound engineers, lighting operators and AV technicians have helped ensure the smooth running of hundreds of conferences, seminars, concerts and church services throughout the years. 

Contact us to discuss how we can help you organise a glitch-free and seamless live event!

Open-Source Digital Signage Platform

System's open-source digital signage platform is a versatile solution seamlessly integrating with various external data sources to deliver the data you need to communicate. Whether you're engaging the public, clients, tenants, or your workforce, our user-friendly platform scales effortlessly from small to large deployments.

Unlike many costly competitors dominating the market, our digital signage platform is both cost-effective and open source, making it possible to customise the plattform according to your every need.