Adam Hall Cables 4 STAR CATBOX XF5 - Audio & DMX Multicore | Adam Hall® 4 XLR 5-pole Female x Cat.6a
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Audio & DMX Adapter 5-pole XLR female x Cat.6a

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    Unit of Measure Name: Units
    Internal Reference: K4CATBOXXF5

    • Multicore with network cable to XLR (AES/EBU compliant)
    • This adapter is made for transporting four different balanced signal via only one LAN cable
    • The robust braided jacket per conductor-pair protects the cable againt external influences
    • Wired according to AES72 5E
    • The different versions are compliant to each other. Which means that the numbers on the connectors are identical for each product of ours
    • Perfect for use on stage or in the studio

    With our professional XLR via Cat adapters from the 4 STAR SERIES, you can now use the 4 wire pairs & shield with only one shielded Cat cable instead of a 4-channel multicore. This saves space and is super practical. You can use a standard RJ-45 cable or a cable with etherCON® connectors. Wired according to the AES72 scheme 5E, you can use it with all other CATBOX products from Adam Hall, or with many boxes you have already purchased.

    The connectors are completely black and numbered, so you don't have to search long for the right channel.

    The CATBOX products are also in other versions available.