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kr 1 916,75 1916.75 NOK
kr 1 532,00 1532.0 NOK
kr 1 377,89 1377.89 NOK
kr 1 262,00 1262.0 NOK
SYSTEM DMX-kabel 5-pin, flex
High quality DMX cable with Neutrik connectors and 5 cm transparent heat shrink sleeve. All five pins connected.
kr 572,00 572.0 NOK
kr 87,10 87.10000000000001 NOK
kr 87,10 87.10000000000001 NOK
SOMMER Binary 234 AES/EBU MKII DMX-kabel
2 x 0,34 mm², PVC Ø 6,20 mm, sort
kr 29,94 29.94 NOK
5 x 0,5 mm2 cable, suitable for extending LED stripes.
kr 29,33 29.330000000000002 NOK
Percon DMX 512
Multicore low capacitance shielded cables, designed for lighting control through DMX (3 and 5 pins) protocol, as well as for Meyer Sound’s STELLA series (comptible with 5 pin EN3 series).
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