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kr 161,96 161.96 NOK
for kabelmontering
kr 161,96 161.96 NOK
kr 149,45 149.45000000000002 NOK
kr 148,83 148.83 NOK
kr 148,83 148.83 NOK
Panel mounting socket outlet straight, with lid, blue
flange 50x50 fixing centers 38x38
kr 116,00 116.0 NOK
Panel mounting socket outlet straight, black
flange 50x50 without hinged cover
kr 96,00 96.0 NOK
IEC-LOCK C13 cable connector
female cable, locking, rewireable
kr 53,77 53.77 NOK
kr 53,67 53.67 NOK
kr 30,00 30.0 NOK
kr 18,40 18.400000000000002 NOK